Youth Sports Soccer FAQ (Fall 2017)


How many practices per week does our team get prior to the regular season games beginning?

Two. Each team will get to practice twice a week until games begin.


How many practices does our team get once the regular season games begin?

One. Once games begin, each team will go down to one practice a week.


What equipment will Youth Sports be providing the participants with?

Youth Sports will provide each participant with a cotton jersey T-shirt.


What equipment are participants responsible for providing?

Participants are responsible for supplying their own athletic shorts, shin guards, long socks, and athletic shoes/rubber cleats. We also recommend a water bottle and sunscreen.


When do practices and games begin for participants?

For all participants, practices will begin the week of August 21st; games will begin the week of September 4th.


How many games does each team get to play during the regular season?

Each team will play 6 games throughout the course of the regular season. Should we have to cancel several games for a league with no time to make it up, teams will play only 5 games.


How long does the season go?

For ages 5-8, the season will begin the week of August 21st and should go no later than October 14th; the season will be finished once all regular season games have been played. For ages 9-14, the season will begin the week of August 21st and should go no later than October 28th; the season will be finished once all regular season games have been played and the team has been eliminated from the end of the season tournament. If we have multiple cancellations throughout the regular season, there is the potential that the season goes one week longer. 


When will make-up games be played if regular season games are cancelled?

Should we have to cancel a game due to unsafe weather or unplayable field conditions, we will try to schedule make-up games for the same night they normally play (this may result in double-headers). Should we have multiple make-up games – or if there is no availability on the night they normally play – we may schedule make-up games for another day of the week.


How do we check to see if a game is cancelled?

One way to check is to call the frequently updated Youth Sports Weather Line (720.865.0595). You can also check the Denver Youth Sports home page, where you will find our frequently updated FIELD STATUS news items. If the weather gets ugly close to game time, we will likely have to cancel on the spot.


What time are games typically played?

Games during the weekdays are typically played anytime between 5:30PM – 9:00PM. Games on Saturdays are typically played between 8:30AM – 2:00PM. There are exceptions to these times – of course – but most leagues reside within the timeslots stated.


Will there be a tournament following the season? When will the tournament take place?

Yes; following the regular season, there will be a single-elimination tournament for ages 9 and older.  Assuming that we have minimal make-up games throughout the regular season, the tournament will begin the week of October 16th, with all tournaments finishing up before Saturday, October 28th. Should we have multiple make-up games, the tournament may be pushed back a week.